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06-16-2005 - 9:30 p.m.

One more week until the kids up here get out of school. Then I get the urge to wrap my car in bubble wrap 3 times over. Between the teenagers driving, the little old ladies not understanding that a green arrow and the other lights being red doesn't mean she can go straight through turning traffic, the tourists cutting me off or feeling that the stopsigns don't apply to them, or those poor nannies having to take care of the spoiled brats of Watch Hill and being distracted every 2 seconds while they kick her seat... I just really feel the urge to put padding and bubble wrap all over the car to protect it.
Next week also means I get to start updating a lot more, because that's when I get all the stories about all the assholes that vacation here. And we know how much fun last year was.


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